Gas Lines

Natural gas and Propane gas is a clean burning and energy-efficient fuel source. In fact many homeowners prefer it to electric. However, since natural & propane gas are both highly combustible, problems with your gas lines can prove deadly. If you suspect you have problem with your gas supply or want to have work done on it, you need expert help. Contact our experts 24/7 to repair, inspect and install your gas lines 24/7!

Emergency Gas Line Repair

Leaking or broken gas lines put you and your family in immediate danger. This highly-combustible gas can rapidly fill your home, creating the risk of a fire or explosion. Only an expert plumber who specializes in gas line repair can remedy the leak and return your home to a safe and livable condition. Contact the gas line experts of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing 24/7!

Gas Line Installation

Since natural gas and propane gas are such versatile fuel sources, many homeowners want to include that option when they remodel their home. However, installing gas lines is not a simple task. You can’t trust a basic contractor with such a crucial job — working with a licensed, experienced plumber is a necessity. We specialize in installing gas lines to feed fireplaces, dryers and stoves. Contact us today to discuss installing a gas line in your home.