First-Rate Faucet Repair and Installation in MD & DE

Wide Range of Functions and Styles

new faucet installed in Millsboro, DESome faucets feature simple designs and exist solely for their functionality as a home appliance, and others are meant to be ornate home decor that contributes to an overarching theme. Additionally, many faucets fall somewhere in the middle of the “decor-functionality” spectrum. No matter where your water comes from, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in Berlin, MD, is equipped for all of your needs regarding faucet installation, repairs, and replacements.

Fancy, Functional, or Both?

Your faucets are essential because they provide you and your family with clean, running water that you rely on for hydration, cleaning, and more. While you may depend on them for survival, there’s nothing wrong with finding a fancy faucet to enhance the style of your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor cooking area. Whether you’re looking for a stylish replacement for the faucet you’ve had since the Cold War, or you need a simple repair to address leaking, low water pressure, or other common faucet problems, you can rely on our team to get the job done!

Faucet Repair Services

If you’re dealing with a leaky faucet, you are wasting clean water and your hard-earned money. Leaks are typically a minor problem, but they require a professional fix if you want the job done right. Our tried-and-tested team has handled faucet repairs for a wide range of functions and styles, including bathtub installations, shower heads, kitchen sinks, and even outdoor faucets. We’re also experts in sump pump repair, so let us know if you’ve got a flooded basement!

Faucet Installation Services

Are you tired of paying for temporary repairs to keep your 20th-century faucet working? Do you want a new faucet installation that meets modern standards in terms of both style and functionality? Good news: We are here to guide you through the process of installation, and for a reasonable price. We’re experts in dealing with modern faucets, and we’re dedicated to letting it show through our work.

Superb Faucet Services for Families from Maryland & Delaware

We serve folks who live in proximity to our headquarters located near Berlin, MD, in communities such as Millsboro, DE, and Salisbury, MD. But our service area expands far beyond that, so just give us a call if you’re dealing with plumbing problems near any of those cities in Maryland and Delaware. Homeowners from communities near Salisbury and Millsboro may also be interested in learning more about our elite gas line plumbing services and well services.

Call Today for Help Repairing or Upgrading Your Kitchen, Shower, or Bathtub Faucet

Have you found the perfect faucet for your home’s atmosphere and your family’s lifestyle? Just let us know, and we will send our best team of licensed plumbing professionals to install it for you. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if our team is tardy to your appointment, we’ll pay you for every minute that they are late. Call us today, or contact us online to learn more about our faucet repair and installation services!