Drain Clogs

Our Drain Clog Services Will Clear Plumbing Issues Up For You

Clogged drain clearing in Laurel, DEAll of the plumbing equipment in your home is connected to your main sewer line, and all the water you use gets to the sewer line through your drains. When one or more of those drains gets blocked, that clog prevents water from draining out to your sewer. Instead of leaving your property, the wastewater builds up at the site of the block until it bubbles back through your pipes and up through the drains the water came from. In a worst-case scenario, where a clogged sewer that blocks up all of your house’s plumbing, not just one drain, raw sewage can fill up your bathroom tubs and kitchen sinks and prevent your toilets from flushing.

When this happens, you have a problem, and we have solutions. We’re Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, located in Berlin, MD. Our plumbing services, including drain jetting and repair, are widely known and trusted in our service area, which includes (but is not limited to) towns like Princess Anne, MD, and Laurel, DE, as well as Sussex County and Wicomico County.

Put an End to the Pain of a Clogged Up Drain

When you call us to fix your drain clog, we’ll diagnose the problem and do what’s needed to get your home’s plumbing back to normal. 

Typically, this will involve drain jetting and cleaning. Water is a potent force when it’s pressurized, and our drain jetting is powerful enough to blast away the most stubborn of clogs. Our drain clog clearing is an emergency service, available 24/7, because you have a right to sanitary conditions in your home without having to wait for an appointment. We’ll get your home’s plumbing back to normal and resolve the biological hazard that you find yourself facing.   

Preventing a Clog

Clogs are usually not entirely the homeowner’s fault. Everyday use can put ordinary substances down your drains, which are harmless until they get stuck and grow into blockages. Over time, putting grease down your kitchen sink or hair and soap scum down your bathroom shower can lead to a clog.

There are, however, simple steps you can take to prevent clogs, such as signing up for one of our protection plans or taking advantage of the preventive drain cleanout service. You can even add our exclusive drain-cleaning and clog-prevention solution, Bio Ben, to your list of home plumbing supplies. We formulated this liquid using 100% natural enzymes, and so it’s safe for your family and won’t do any harm to your pipes.

These measures can decrease the frequency and severity of blocked drains to keep the plumbing working as it should.

More Services from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

If you live anywhere in the region of Sussex County or Wicomico County, even in towns not in those counties like Princess Anne, MD, or Laurel, DE, you’re in our neck of the woods. We do more than fix drain clogs; we also handle water pipe repair, water heater repair, and much more. 

If you need a repair, a routine inspection (which comes included in our protection plans), or a new installation of a traditional boiler or a more modern tankless water heater, we’re the ones to call.  

For these and other services, contact us today.