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Plumber fixing kitchen sink drain in MarylandToilets, sinks, and showers are critical plumbing appliances in your home, but when your drains are clogged, your home could be at risk of hazardous mold and mildew growth, corroded pipes, and unsanitary backups and standing water. Luckily for the residents of Worcester County, MD, and Millsboro, DE, the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in Berlin, MD, specialize in emergency plumbing and drain services, and they will do all they can to keep your pipes functioning correctly and water drainage levels safe.

Drain Services We Offer

Consistent water drainage is the only function of sink, toilet, and shower drains, and if they are not working correctly, then your drains could be clogged. Drain clogs can leave your pipes in danger of corrosion and leaks and dirty, foul-smelling water stagnant in your tub or sink basin or dripping in your basement. When you experience drain problems, the best thing you can do is call the drain specialists at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in Berlin, MD, to perform emergency drain services to unclog and clean out your drains.

Drain Clog Repair

Although drain clogs are a relatively common plumbing issue that most homeowners can usually handle, persistent or returning clogs can cause more than just minor irritation and inconvenience.

Here are some of the consequences of clogged drains:

  • Poor Water Drainage

When drains clog, they prevent wastewater from properly making its way out of your home. In some cases, the clogs will force the dirty water back up the drain.

  • Unpleasant Odors

If the drain clog is severe enough, the pipes will dry out. With no moisture to soak up the bad smells caused by waste, and food and other organic materials trapped in the clog, foul odors can permeate through your drains. Additionally, dirty, stagnant water can also release some unpleasant odors.

  • Leaks

Clogs frequently cause corrosion in your drain, especially if chemical drain cleaner is used instead of safer methods, and leaks can be the result. Leaks can cause wall and floor damage, water stains, health hazards, and flooding in basements and other rooms in the home.

  • Health Concerns

Leaks caused by clogs can promote dangerous mold and mildew growth in your home, while stagnant, dirty water can irritate the skin and release allergens into the air. Sewage backups can also pose serious health risks to you and your family.

When your home is dealing with seriously-clogged drains, call our plumbing specialists to perform expert drain clog repairs and services at a moment’s notice!

Drain Jetting & Cleaning

Stubborn drain clogs are a nuisance and can pose some critical health dangers and expensive repairs and new installations. When a clog just won’t give, our drain professionals will bring out the big guns: our Drain Jetting & Cleaning System. Think of it as a power-washer, but for your drains – our specialty, pressurized drain jetting system is guaranteed to flush out the most uncompromising of clogs and keep your pipes clear.

With our high-powered jetting solution, you won’t need to snake up disgusting waste from your drain installations or worry about even minor blockages for a long time.

We at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in Berlin, MD, are the leading plumbing specialists in and around Worcester County, MD, and Millsboro, DE. We are proud to assist residents with professional drain repairs, clearing, and cleaning services, main sewer line installations and repairs, and water heater repairs. For more information on our expert plumbing services, or to bring in the professional drain technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in Berlin, MD, call us today!

Our expert plumbers provide 24/7 emergency help to clear clogged drains.

Drain Clogs

Our expert plumbers provide 24/7 emergency help to clear clogged drains.

Drain Jetting & Cleaning

Our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing exclusive drain-jetting technology clears your drains and keeps them that way.