Why Does My Main Drain Keep Clogging?

Some clogs are easy DIY fixes with some gloves and a plunger. Other clogs return again and again like they were created specifically to aggravate you. Unfortunately, recurring main drain clogs can happen in every home and are likely the cause of a sewer line backup. All plumbing pipes in your home are connected to the main sewer line, which can become clogged due to improper care and maintenance. If you have a persistent clog in your main drain, it’s best to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and let a certified technician perform a professional blocked drain repair for your home… Read More »Why Does My Main Drain Keep Clogging?

When Should a Garbage Disposal Be Replaced?

Garbage disposals are a chef’s favorite tool because of the easy cleanup process they provide. However, an old or overused garbage disposal will require replacement, just like other home appliances. Garbage disposals have an average lifespan of 10-15 years, after which they become inefficient and expensive to repair. If you notice that your garbage disposal requires frequent repairs or doesn’t function as well as it used to, it’s time to call a Benjamin Franklin plumber for a replacement. As the leading plumbers in Laurel, DE, and local areas, blocked drain repairs and garbage disposal replacement, as well as all other plumbing issues, are our area of specialty. 

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3 Plumbing Repairs & Updates You Should Invest in Before Selling Your Home

You’ve made a careful, yet thrilling, decision: It’s time to sell your home! You already spent a lot of time fixing up the exterior property — but what about the interior? It’s natural to become so comfortable in your home that you overlook some of the wear and tear that needs attention. While your home may be pleasant to look at, the interior can always use some work, especially if you’re hoping for a high return.  When buyers view your home, they’re going to take into account any updates and renovations made to the property. No matter how aesthetically appealing… Read More »3 Plumbing Repairs & Updates You Should Invest in Before Selling Your Home

A Modern Home Needs a Modern Toilet: A Low Flow Model

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, located in Berlin, MD, we install and repair all the plumbing equipment you could think of, all the devices and appliances you use every day. Maybe your bathroom faucet has a leak, or it’s time for a new installation as part of a remodeling project. Or perhaps your garbage disposal is clogged because you put some food into it that this handy appliance couldn’t quite handle. Either way, we have the skills and tools to get you up and running in no time.  

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Plumbing Checklist For Your Summer Vacation

You look forward to your summer vacation all year, carefully choosing the destination, hotel, and travel arrangements. Before you leave your home, you cancel the mail and newspaper, find someone to take care of your pets, and make sure all the doors are locked and bolted. But what about your plumbing? If you don’t take the time to check on your drains, faucets, appliances, and other things related to your home’s plumbing before you embark on your getaway, you could be in for a flooded house or another nasty surprise when you get home. Here’s a checklist of a few… Read More »Plumbing Checklist For Your Summer Vacation


There are more than 400,000 plumbers in the United States, but not all of them are equal. You’ve heard the horror stories in the news — the plumber that overcharges you or does a terrible job. Don’t let this put you off. There are loads of qualified, experienced professionals who can optimize your household plumbing system and save you money on your water bills. Here are four tips for hiring a plumber. 1. Look for Credentials All good plumbers have the necessary credentials that prove they are up to the job. When checking out plumbers in your area, look for things… Read More »4 TIPS FOR HIRING A PLUMBER